Word on Street Lit Vol. 1

I will be including a  post with a link to the Library Journal’s new online column, Word on Street Lit, which reviews new urban fiction/street lit releases and gives a little insight (according to them) on the genre.  In every issue one book is spotlighted (i.e. The Pick of the Month) and I will repost that here. Follow the link for the rest of the reviews directly on Library Journal’s site.  They include a mix of major publishers, small presses, and self-published books.


Library Journal’s Word on Street Lit. Vol.1 Pick of the Month

K’wan. Still Hood. Griffin: St. Martin’s. 2007. c.352p. ISBN 978-0-312-36010-8. pap. $14.95. F
Verdict: The strength of K’wan’s novels lie in his use of street language and wordplay to establish a harsh realism. Cold-blooded killers, girls working the game, and innocents unaware of danger are all woven into this sequel to Hood Rat, which encompasses hot, hot sex and incredible violence. Buy multiple copies as there will be demand. Libraries launching a street-lit collection should immediately purchase this urban fiction star’s entire backlist. Library marketing campaign.
Background: K’wan’s large cast of characters have the odds against them as they struggle to remain true to their people and their ‘hood. Stacks Green, a hip-hop mogul from Texas, arrives in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood to participate in a video shoot that features new hip-hop sensation True. Hovering nearby are players Don-B and Black Ice, both with noses for quick cash. The less flamboyant Jah is a warrior working security for True. His honesty and nobility (he stays true to his boss and his woman) is admirable, but he’s challenged to maintain his street cred when the other players are anxious to take what they can.


  • Anthony, Mark. Reasonable Doubt
  • Birch, Dywane D. From My Soul to Yours
  • 50 Cent & Derrick R. Pledger. The Diamond District
  • Freeman, Wakiem. Down Low Sistahs
  • Washington, Jesse. Black Will Shoot
  • Weber, Carl. Something on the Side
  • Weeks, Kevin M. Is It Passion or Revenge?