Word on Street Lit Vol. 3

Library Journal’s Word on Street Lit Vol. 3 — Pick of the Month

Carter, Quentin. Amongst Thieves. Triple Crown. 2008. 280p. ISBN 978-0-9799517-2-5. pap. $15. F
Verdict: For authentic depictions of robbery setups and the reality of doing time in prison, it is tough to match Carter’s (Hoodwinked; In Cahootz; Contagious) latest novel. He offers a stripped-down version of street lit, giving readers a bare-bones story of crime, sex, and betrayal that is an excellent example of the harsh realism that brands this genre.
Background: This novel can easily be taken as an incarcerated male’s fantasy. Women and men have multiple, lusty marathon sex sessions. Fabulous wealth comes way too easy, and above all, Ramon Delay, Carter’s hero, answers only to himself. After serving a 15-year prison sentence, Ramon ruthlessly pursues his version of the American dream, running a game on Montel Murphy, taking over the old man’s hotel, and transforming it into Resthaven, Kansas City’s premier casino and resort. Soon, he has it all, including $86.9 million in his bank account and two women vying for his affections: Yawni, a sexy but aging diva, and Jayde, an upcoming sexual bombshell. Ramon is blinded by the outrageous sex he has with these sensual women, which raises the question, Is the player being played? Betrayal and revenge are laced throughout Carter’s raw and visceral writing. Ramon’s enemies are given no quarter, and the story’s testosterone-fueled pacing doesn’t allow readers to take a breath.


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