Urban Fiction Spotlight: Mama

Cover ImageFrom Publishers Weekly
This is McMillan’s zesty first novel about an impoverished black family’s struggle to overcome its problems. 

From Library Journal
Mama , a first novel, tells of a proud black woman, Mildred Peacock, and her five children. After a violent fight, Mildred throws her drunken husband out of the house. On her own in the poor town of Point Haven, Michigan, Mildred scrimps and drinks, works and goes on welfare, struggling to raise her kids and keep her sanity. Mildred’s closest bond is to her oldest daughter, Freda, and their lives parallel each other’s progress from despair to hope.

Author Spotlight:

Terry McMillan (born October 18, 1951, in Port Huron, Michigan) is an African-American author. Her interest in books comes from working at a library when she was sixteen. She received her BA in journalism in 1986 at University of California, Berkeley.