Stop the violence

What’s even more sad about this news story is the fact that I remember articles or TV newstories telling and retelling so many stories like this as I was growing up. So many years later and innoncent children are still dying.

Since the politicians and police force can’t keep guns out of neighborhoods, then parents have to work a little harder to keep them out of their homes.  Parents please go back to the days of checking your kids rooms, their friends, their activities. There is no such ish as parents ‘snooping’ on thier kids. Privacy comes   at a cost and its called “rent”.


Newark struggles to curb slayings involving teens

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 08.21.2008
NEWARK, N.J. — Bukhari Washington had resisted the lure of gangs and drugs that derailed the lives of so many in his tough Newark neighborhood.
But that resolve couldn’t stop the bullet that tore through the 15-year-old’s head on Aug. 14, killing him as he slept in his own bed. Another teen on the floor below says the bullet accidentally fired as he was “fiddling” with a semiautomatic assault rifle he bought for protection.
Washington’s death underscores a chronic problem that New Jersey’s largest city can’t seem to overcome: Teens keep killing each other with guns even as Newark’s overall homicide rate is on pace to fall 40 percent.
Washington became Newark’s 12th teenage homicide victim of 2008, a number that surpassed the city’s total for all of 2007, according to statistics provided by the county prosecutor’s office.