Honesty is the best policy…I guess

keepingitfunkyWell…he is keeping it funky but that is so bold. LOL.

Growing up in Newark, I’ve seen plenty of hood hustlers and some really have these great–and very long–stories to convince you to give them a damn dollar.  And I used to think the same thing as I used think when I worked in collections for Verizon Wireless and people would tell all they business to get a dang on extension on a cell phone bill: “Man, please, keep your business”.

I’ve heard it all:

“I just need bus fare to get to an interview”–mind you, this same fool would be on the same street with the same damn lie the next day.

“I just need a little something to help me get something to eat”–Now this always the ones standing outside a fast food restaurant.  ESPECIALLY Popeyes Chicken on Springfield Avenue off of  Eastern Parkway.  Mama was good for saying “Come on in and I will buy you a meal”.  Humph.  A few of them fools would get offended ’cause they behind just want the cash. 

Here’s a doozy: “I’m raising money for my daughter’s school”–Okay, why do it be the middle of summer? Girl, stop.


I’m talking all this ish but I always give because you never know if that the one kind act will bring you a blessing and some people really do need any help they can get.  It’s hard to know who is real and who is just hustling.  But please people, please KEEP YOUR BUSINESS!! lol.