Urban Fiction Spotlight: Live and Learn | Show and Tell

Live and Learn by Niobia Bryant: Book Cover

Set in her hometown of Newark, NJ, this popular bestselling author brings you a hip, sexy, and drama-filled story of four friends with choices to be made, sins to be forgiven, and lessons to learn.
It’s 24/7 money to burn, it’s fancy houses, designer clothes, and luxury cars. It’s leaving no-pay jobs and crumbling projects to have everything mad cash flow. And best friends, Alize, Dom, Moet, and Cristal will do anything to get the glamorous life–and put the past in the rear-view mirrors of their brand new whips. A savvy and smart business major, Alize had her childhood shattered by the divorce of her parents and is determined to never fall in love and risk being hurt. Dom learned early to use her sizzling-hot body to make much bank–and find an eascape from her too dark looks and drug-addicted mother. Disillusioned by the faith and strict parents she grew up with, Moet figures hooking up with powerful men is now the real way to heaven. And streetwise Cristal has a master plan to get the secutiry she never to knew as foster child.


To make these dreams come true, these sistahs will go after the East Coast’s biggest movers-and-shakers–superstar rappers, mega-successful moguls, and powerful thugs-for-life. But between the wild times and wilder men, one of them is going to gamble one time too many, one will play a player too far, one will take a dangerous chance, and one will face a hard real-deal choice. To survive, they’ll have to depend on each other and remember who they truly are to learn that the good life doesn’t cost a thing…


Show and Tell by Niobia Bryant: Book Cover

Niobia Bryant delivers a sizzling, provocative follow-up to Live and Learn–exploring the bonds among four friends who are about to discover that getting your desires met can sometimes cost you everything…

Ambitious grad student Monica Winters, aka Alizé, can’t turn down the chance to intern at one of the nations’ most prestigious companies. Even if it means working side by side with Cameron Steele–the one man she’s ever loved, who’s now planning a wedding with another woman…

Hard-working single mom Latoya James, aka Moët, has made some mistakes, but she’s finally healed her relationship with her religious parents. But then her baby’s father, a multi-platinum rap artist, demands sole custody of their daughter, and she finds herself wondering how to hold onto her faith when she has no choice but to fight dirty…

Struggling to maintain her sobriety, Keesha Lands, aka “Dom” Perignon, gave up her lucrative stripper job and is working for minimum wage at her daughter’s daycare center. But it turns out burying her past is harder than she thinks–and soon it will take every ounce of strength to resist her old life…

When a New York socialite takes her under her wing, Danielle Johnson, aka Cristal, finds herself tempted by the good life. But can her relationship with the sexy handyman who’s taught her everything about love survive her fantasies of wealth?

Author Spotlight:

Niobia Bryant (born November 24 in Newark, New Jersey) is an African-American novelist of both romance and mainstream fiction. She also writes Urban fiction as Meesha Mink and Young Adult fiction as Simone Bryant. 

In 2007, her first mainstream Live and Learn was published by Kensington Publishing. In her mainstream books the subject matter steered away from the happily ever after of romance and took on more complex and darker themes like adultery, drug addiction, and domestic violence.

On her website Bryant calls herself  “A chameleon of the written word”.

Niobia is a graduate of Seton Hall University with both a Bachelor of Arts in Social & Behavioral Science and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in Psychology.

Niobia firmly believes in shameless self-promotion (wink wink). LOL.