UPDATE: Unfortunately the signing had to be cancelled.  The bookstore was having difficulties ordering a sufficient amount of books from their distributor.  And a booksigning without books just doesn’t make sense.  For Newark, NJ residents only, send me an Email (, Twitter DM, or Facebook Message with a mailing address and I will send you an autographed copy of one of my books.  Just a little way to make up for this last minute cancellation ish. (Note: You must have  Newark address, the book you get is my choice, this offers ends Saturday @ midnight, and yes the S&H is on me.)

Nov 21 is the National Day of Reading. Booksigning events with a different author in every state is being held to bring awareness to the staggering illiteracy rate. For more info on National Day of Reading signing events, please visit:

I will be signing in my beloved hometown Newark, NJ on the 21st. I hope my East Coast readers can come by and see me. Be sure to wish me Happy Birthday too (it’s on the 24th).

Source of Knowledge (Behind Prudential Mall)

867 Broad St , Newark, NJ