Stepping Out Alone

I’m busy into finishing my solo Meesha Mink book and I must admit that the familiar freedom of writing alone and giving into my own ideas is refreshing.  I want so badly to reveal the title and storyline but a year away before it drops is way too much time.  I’m not blogging like I want bringing everything hood that amuses me online but I am deep into this book. Just like with the Hoodwives series, the basic concept may seem familiar but its all in the delivery. 😉

If you are looking for drama in the meantime, my third mainstream book MESSAGE FROM A MISTRESS (under my real name: Niobia Bryant) drops in March.  Trust and believe that the same heart, drama and emotions I put into the stories of Aisha, Lexi, Princess, Woo-Woo, Hassan, and Rhakmon are in this book.  Check out the trailer and get ready for drama at its best!