I Spy a Nosey Fool!!!


Shots were fired at a youth football game somewhere in Indiana. *sighs*

Let me get out all the appropriate things to say:

“How dangerous. How ridiculous. How stupid!”  “When are people going to wake up and do better!”

Okay, on to the one thing that stuck out for me as I viewed the vid. And Lawd knows, gunfire during a public event is NOT funny but…

At the bottom of the screen there is a middle aged dude with a tan shirt and a white towel over his shoulder. Please tell me why this nosey mo-fo is leaning against the fence duing 98% of the time the guns are being fired and all hell is breaking loose. Just peep this fool.

  • 1) Don’t he know curiosity killed the cat
  • 2) He is way too comfortable with the sounds of shots fired.

SMH. Nosey self. o_O