When a woman’s fed up…


With the success of Message from a Mistress (w/a Niobia Bryant 🙂 ) I’ve had lots of communication with readers who let me know they want Jessa Bell (the mistress in the book) to receive the ULTIMATE smackdown.  I also have read the anger a lot of people have for Fant.asia and Al.icia K.eys recently. I know a lot of people feel like a mistress deserves nothing but the worse.  Karma is a bitch. You reap what you sow. Etc., Etc. But how much is too much?

With all of the recent discussions of Fant.a.sia being sued by the wife and women getting seriously violent with the cheating man (i.e. recently saw a photo where the man’s entire groin area had been burned until his skin peeled. Ew) when does the wife/significant other  just Let Go and Let God?

Now this story about a wronged wife plotting to kill the child her husband had with another woman.  Back in late 2009 this chick right here tried not once, not twice, but THREE times to make the innoncent baby a done-dada. WTF?

SMH. Please, just get like Usher and “sign them papers…”