The Face of Crazy (Update)



Be.tha.ny is seriously disturbed.  After claiming to have acid thrown in her face by an unknown African-American woman (definite side-eye) it has come out that 1) she self-inflicted the acid and  2) blamed her crazy ish on a Black chick.


In further WHOMP-WHOMP news the bank that opened a fund for the victim mental patient/racist  has closed the account and are returning all deposited funds to the donaters.

I’m saddened because I firmly believe that there are so many undiagnosed people with serious mental  health conditions, but I’m angry that she knew tossing out that a Black person did it would rally the calvary. 

CNN chimed in on the story. Check it here.

(Update: Because she spent $28,000 of the donated money, homegirl is off to jail. Deuces! Read story here.