Bust Ya Windows…

This reminds of the scene in Real Wifeys: On The Grind when Goldie released her frustration on her man’s car’s with a tire iron…while listening to this same song. Real ish, huh?

Now, what’s SO crazy is this video:

1) The police leaving the scene

2) The dude that walked away…and then argued w/ her from a distance?

3) The alarm going off the whole time she went in

4) The cameraman zooming in on her tag

5) She was about to leave, dude came back and yapped off…AND SHE GOT OUT THE CAR AND WENT BACK AT IT.


What the *BLEEP* did he do? Bet you some side-chick bull-ish is involved. Still five minutes out of your life fighting a car? No haps. I guess it is so cold in the “D”.