BlackExpressions Featured Selection

On January 1, 2013 Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard will be available wherever books are sold, via online retailers of e-books, and also via Black Expressions Book Club for those with a membership to the book club.

Here’s the Black Expressions info. Thanks in advance to the all of the club members who continue to support my books. — N.


Each of Meesha Mink’s Real Wifeys novels features a smart, streetwise, ambitious leading lady who will do what it takes to get what she wants. In Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard, the third tale in the series, that woman is Sophie “Suga” Alvarez. We’ve already met Suga in Real Wifeys: Get Money, and this time we enter her world…a world where doing the right thing is not always the same as doing right by your man.

Suga came up out of Newark, New Jersey, determined to get to the top of the corporate world. She graduated from college magna cum laude and walked straight into a job that puts her on the fast track to CFO. It’s a night-and-day difference from the path her ex-best friend, Luscious, took. But that doesn’t mean she’s some goody-two-shoes. Suga balances her book smarts with ‘hood smarts and steely-eyed ambition. Mess with her at your own risk.

Daniel “Dane” Greenley, Suga’s fiancé, is as crooked as
Suga is legit. Between his loan sharking and illegal gambling operations, Suga doesn’t know who will come gunning for Dane first—the law or the gangs. But she’s got his back…until the cops raid their house, and Suga has to decide whether to save her life and career, or to stand by the man she loves.

To pre-order your copy of Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard via BlackExpressions (club membership required) please visit their site directly via this link.