on The Real Wifeys Trilogy

knowshi has been kind enough to review the entire “Real Wifeys” over the last few months. I really appreciate that kind of support and I’m proud of the reviews.




real-wifeys1.jpgReal Wifeys: On the Grind – “Meesha Minks’ first book in the Real Wifeys’ series, ON THE GRIND, is as addictive, powerful and action-packed as any so-called reality show.”

Read the entire review of RW: On The Grind here.


24RWGMReal Wifeys: Get Money – “Meesha Minks’ “Get Money” is another power-packed page-turner of a book and offers, like her other novels do, a glimpse into the streets and their inhabitants as they rise above them or fall prey to their seductive depths.”

Read the full review of RW: Get Money here.


BE RW HHReal Wifeys: Hustle Hard – “Not for the squeamish, sanctified or the super-sensitive… contemporary, cutting-edge and a fascinating slice of fiction that you will not soon forget.”

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