Oh Hell Naw!

One thing I do not miss about Newark in the summer is the sudden influx of vehicles on the streets. Everybody and they mama gather up just enough cash to put a vehicle on the road. To hell with it working properly or having insurance–or in some cases even having a license. Y’all know I’m not lying!

But even with all the crazy ish I have seen growing up in The Bricks, this news right here blew mine for real.

NEWARK — A compact car carrying eight children slammed head-on into a tree in Newark early Monday and folded like an accordion, police and neighbors said, critically injuring three children — including an 18-month-old girl — and their mother.

In all, there were 10 people inside the Dodge Neon when it hit the tree on Irvine Turner Boulevard about 1:30 a.m., according to police and neighbors.

Really, y’all? People are riding 10 deep (8 of them being children) in a Dodge Neon like it’s a clown car?? That’s really how folks getting around in my hometown streets? And where in God’s sweet heaven were they going at 1:30 AM?

Really? Really??

And naysayers act like people who write about the hood make up this ish. SMH.

Unfortunately several people (including small children) were seriously injured. Prayers definitely sent up for their recovery.

Y’all, I know its hot. I know the buses are crowded. I know everyone wants the freedom of their own ride. Still, please be more careful out in those streets. Seriously.

Go to nj.com to finish reading the full story.