BOOK BITE: Kiss the Ring

31kissthering13.jpgKISS THE RING Book Bite: ©2014. Published by Simon & Schuster/Touchstone. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. May contain explicit language.
The sound of feet pounding against pavement echoed heavily through the long stretch of a…lley flanked by two towering brick buildings. His heart pounded furiously in his chest and his throat was dry and pained from inhaling deep gulps of air as he ran for his life. Death was on his heels and fear was his adrenaline.

He didn’t want to die at fourteen.

“Shit!” he swore, his eyes squinting when a pair of bright headlights suddenly flashed on him from the other end of the alley.

The light illuminated the panic in his eyes.

His harsh and labored breathing echoed more loudly as he stopped running and looked left and right for an escape route. There was none. “Shit!” he swore again, looking back into the bright lights as the vehicle suddenly accelerated toward him.

He turned and ran back down the alley, wishing his presence was as large and looming as his shadow cast against the brick by the towering streetlights. Then he wouldn’t feel so afraid . . . so alone . . . so near death.

He burst from between the buildings and paused just long enough to decide if he should jet left or right. In that moment that shit felt more like choosing life or death.

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