The bestselling Hoodwives series!


Dreams often die in the projects. From their front stoop at Bentley Manor, longtime residents Miz Osceola and Miz Cleo have seen just about everything and know escape comes at a premium

Chronicling the exploits of four unforgettable women,
Desperate Hoodwives
kicks off a thrilling series of novels
where the women of Bentley Manor
know the true meaning of desperation
and will do anything to escape the hood.

Dreams often die in the projects. From their front stoop at Bentley Manor, longtime residents Miz Osceola and Miz Cleo have seen just about everything and know escape comes at a premium

AISHA has what every ghetto girl wants—a loving husband who supplies her with all the fashion, money, and accessories that scream “hood success.” But once her husband lands himself in jail, how far will Aisha go to keep her image and hold down her man?

DEVANI had a simple plan: ride the coattails of her pro-athlete boyfriend all the way out of the projects. But Tyrik’s not calling much as he used to. Her mother’s advice? Bear Tyrik’s child. Will Devani’s baby-mama scheme backfire?

MOLLY is blinded by her love for Junior—and blind to all of his adultery, too. Disowned by her family for marrying a black man, Molly lets everyone abuse her. But something’s got to give—and one day Junior just might step over the line.

LEXI has five children—and four broke baby daddies. Perfect in every way but in the bedroom, Lexi is convinced she’s found her Mr. Right in her husband Luther. Determined to finally provide a good man for her kids, Lexi must struggle to fight her cravings for explosive sex with her ex. Will she stay faithful to her husband or give in to a passion that may very well prove deadly?

In the second installment of the Desperate Hoodwives trilogy, hailed by the New York Post and Essence hearts break, lives shatter, and lies prevail at Bentley Manor, where no one can escape their sins.

Four very different women find themselves caught in the web of Bentley Manor, one of the hood’s most notorious projects, where no one has ever left unscathed…

There’s KEISHA, who married the high school basketball star. Everything seemed fine, until Smokey got addicted to crack, and now she’s desperate just to feed their kids. TAKIAH needs to get away from her pimp husband so bad that she’s willing to go back to church, but what if the pastor’s eyes stray from the heavens?

With a voice to rival Mary J. and Whitney, PRINCESS might just have the ticket to escape the projects, if only she could find her courage, while WOO WOO has escaped with her suburban husband—only to find herself sneaking back for steamy sexcapades with her drug dealer ex. And you can bet Woo Woo’s not the only one with secrets to hide…

From two critically acclaimed powerhouses in urban fiction, this is a gritty, passionate, and straight up real series that is not to be missed.

Set in the same Atlanta projects as Desperate Hoodwives, Shameless Hoodwives is filled with heartbreak, adultery, drug abuse—and deadly consequences for people in the ‘hood. But it’s also a tale of courage, hope, and determination, written by two of the hottest writers on the scene…

The third and final book of the trilogy, THE HOOD LIFE, comes from the men of Bentley Manor.  A pimp, a killer, a playa, and a drug dealer struggle to get their game right in a sizzling novel where leaving the life and trying to go straight is a deadly option. 

TAVON better-known as “Sweet,” would pimp his own mother—and he does. Convinced that the prostitution game chose him, Sweet loves his high-rolling life. But when he unexpectedly becomes a father, will Sweet be able to choose between the family trade and his grown, not-so-innocent daughter?

After ten years in prison, the drive-by DEMARCUS committed still haunts him. Determined to stay above the law, he’s found Allah, promised to change his ways forever and finally do right by his girl Zoey. But when an opportunity arises that will set him and Zoey right for life, Demarcus may have more faith in his killah reputation than the Koran…

KASEEM runs every single drug going in and out of Bentley Manor. His empire provides clothes, cash, and his satisfaction of his wifey, Quilla—along with the company of other ladies, of course. But when Kaseem’s crew becomes more violent, will he be able to escape the life—and the gangsters—he created?

The best playa on the block, RHAKMON can get a woman to do anything he wants. His latest girlfriend, Shaterica, lets him steal, lie, and cheat—smitten to be under his spell. But when Rhakmon stops coming home to her, the revenge Shaterica gives may be more horrible than anything he could have imagined….

From the ladies who brought you Desperate Hoodwives and Shameless Hoodwives, the streets of Atlanta are hotter than ever with drama, sex, and danger—profilin’ four men desperate for anything but their hood life.


Packed with sex, suspense and drama, THE HOOD LIFE is the most scandalous tale set at Bentley Manor.