desperate_hoodwives_2_Book #1 of 3

Chronicling the exploits of four unforgettable women, Desperate Hoodwives, kicks off a thrilling new series of novels where the women of Bentley Manor know the true meaning of desperation and will do anything to escape the hood…

button26116909.jpg has what every ghetto girl wants—a loving husband who supplies her with all the fashion, money, and accessories that scream “hood success.” But once her husband lands himself in jail, how far will Aisha go to keep her image and hold down her man?

button68366857.jpg had a simple plan: ride the coattails of her pro-athlete boyfriend all the way out of the projects. But Tyrik’s not calling much as he used to. Her mother’s advice? Bear Tyrik’s child. Will Devani’s baby-mama scheme backfire?

button47898394.jpgis blinded by her love for Junior—and blind to all of his adultery, too. Disowned by her family for marrying a black man, Molly lets everyone abuse her. But something’s got to give—and one day Junior just might step over the line.

button14950302.jpghas five children—and four broke baby daddies. Perfect in every way but in the bedroom, Lexi is convinced she’s found her Mr. Right in her husband Luther. Determined to finally provide a good man for her kids, Lexi must struggle to fight her cravings for explosive sex with her ex. Will she stay faithful to her husband or give in to a passion that may very well prove deadly?

Meesha’s Characters in Desperate Hoodwives: Aisha and Lexi