Mink’s Characters


Denesha and I co-wrote each book in the Hoodwives series but we did it uniquely in writing our on characters and our own chapters independently and then merging the book chapter after chapter. Each of our characters and the way their stories are told are uniquely our own. We both should be proud, right?

Here are my cast of characters from the entire Hoodwives series:


One half of Bentley Manor’s “know all and see all” crew, Miz Osceola is willing to go to bat (with her bat) for the residents who are the family she doesn’t have.


Appears in: Desperate Hoodwives, Shameless Hoodwives and The Hood Life.


Aisha has what every ghetto girl wants—a loving husband who supplies her with all the fashion, money, and accessories that scream “hood success.” But once her husband lands himself in jail, how far will Aisha go to keep her image and hold down her man?


Appears in:  Desperate Hoodwives


Lexi has five children—and four broke baby daddies. Perfect in every way but in the bedroom, Lexi is convinced she’s found her Mr. Right in her husband Luther. Determined to finally provide a good man for her kids, Lexi must struggle to fight her cravings for explosive sex with her ex. Will she stay faithful to her husband or give in to a passion that may very well prove deadly?

Appears in: Desperate Hoodwives


The husband of Molly, baby daddy of Lexi, wanna-be rapper, and all around jump-off of Bentley Manor, Junior has a way of using what he got to get what he wants…no matter the consequences.


Appears in: Desperate Hoodwives

*Please note: Junior is both Meesha & De’Nesha’s character.


Lexi’s sister, Woo Woo, has escaped the projects with her suburban husband—the type of man every woman wants. But WooWoo can’t resist sneaking back to Bentley Manor for steamy sexcapades with her drug dealer boyfriend. But it’s not only WooWoo who has a secret…


Appears in: Shameless Hoodwives


Just seventeen, PRINCESS has the voice of a superstar. But her abusive life is far from glamorous. The pain in her past may cost her a ticket to fame…


Appears in: Shameless Hoodwives

RHAKMON (The Playa)


This playa, Rhakmon,  uses the good looks he’s all too aware he has to get what he wants from women. Playing females is Rhakmon’s hustle, but it may be one of his victims that serves him his ultimate downfall. Payback is a bitch…
Appears in: The Hood Life

KASEEM (The Dealer)

Kaseem started slinging drugs for women and clothes. The power and brutality associated with the game was never a part of the hustle he enjoyed…but now that he is king of the streets and someone is out to take him down, he has to decide if he’s running the hustle or is the hustle running him…

Introduced in: Desperate Hoodwives, Appears in: The Hood Life