Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Touchstone

This is the first of Meesha’s new series featuring three wifeys from three different hoods and is a loose play on the popular ”Real Housewives ” franchise. First up is the scandalous life of Kaeyla Dennis aka Goldie a hood-fabulous wifey from Newark who uses her sex appeal and street smarts to make it big

 In the hood, every day is about struggle and survival, and no one understands that daily grind more than twenty-two-year-old Kaeyla “Goldie” Dennis. She’s the been the “wifey” of a older, wealthy businessman since she was fifteen, but the discovery of their long-time affair by his real wife brings a crushing end to her hood-fabulous lifestyle in her low-rise project in Newark.

After trying every hustle she can think of to make money, including selling knock-off clothing and bootleg DVDs, Goldie gets an irresistible offer from a sexy strip-club owner. She becomes the club’s biggest act, and takes her show on the road, running her own strip club on the weekends in her apartment. But Goldie’s love of money causes her to make decisions that bring on enemies, and the ultimate test comes when she’s gang-raped, beaten, and almost killed. When an offer for her silence is made, will she choose money over self-respect?

“Marking her solo debut with this new series launch, Mink (coauthor, The Hood Life; Shameless Hoodwives; Desperate Hoodwives) gives Kaeyla a snappy and profane voice laced with sarcasm. She’s a charismatic woman, both vulnerable and tough. Female readers will love her, but men may want to check their own woman’s purse for taser wires. Load your shelves with multiple copies. Mink is the pseudonym for Niobia Bryant (Message from a Mistress).” — Library Journal, Top Pick


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