KISS THE RING by Meesha Mink

Kiss the Ring (Touchstone $14.99) by Meesha Mink is a fast, hard-boiled urban tale. The elements are all there: explicitly detailed sexual acts, drug use, mystery and murder. You’ll find the prose strong, the premise compelling, and a cast of dynamic well-developed characters. When a mother goes undercover to discover who in a crew of thieves killed her son, she isn’t ready for all that entails. Enjoy the ride. This is a sure fire winner, as is Mink’s Real Wifey series. Find out more at –Ebony

Mink (Real Wifeys: On the Grind; Shameless Hoodwives) writes with street flair while sliding in a few erotic sex scenes, yet her tale is one of hard-boiled noir. Naeema plays the noble soul seeking the truth, determined to right all wrongs, and she’s willing to off anyone who blocks her path. Sex, bloody violence, betrayal, and a crackling mystery come together in a resounding crescendo of a finish. Take a bow, Meesha Mink, this one’s a winner.  — Library Journal (Top Pick of the Month)

“This crisply written urban thriller from Mink (Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard) introduces a street-savvy protagonist, Naeema Cole, who is both a villain and a heroine… Fast-paced action, sizzling erotic sex, and a heartwarming kick-ass heroine will have newcomers and urban fiction fans alike eagerly awaiting Naeema’s next escapade.”  —Publishers Weekly

“Fast-paced and full of eccentric allies, charismatic villains and street scenarios that rival any episode of The First 48, Kiss The Ring has everything that readers have come to expect from Mink: blood, gore, graphic sex and a powerful protagonist that reaps what she’s sewn and manages to redeem herself along the way. Whether you’re new to her work or looking forward to adding to the collection, Meesha Mink’s latest novel is daring, delectable and doesn’t disappoint.” — (**** = Essential Reading)


“…Mink’s energy and grit make it a fun read.” — Juicy Magazine

“A well laid out plot spiced with wild sex moves Mink’s story right along.
Readers will keep turning pages to see if Suga succeeds as she moves towards
redemption. Mink’s books are the real deal.”  – Library Journal’s Word on Street Lit


“Unexpected storylines and the twists are interesting… a quick read with an engaging main character … ” — Huffington Post’s Black Voices

“Mink, a pseudonym for novelist Nioba Bryant, turns in another powerful story of women orbiting the hip-hop world…Luscious is both a villain and a heroine whom readers will embrace…” – Library Journal, Word on Street Lit: Women Thugs On Top

“The second Real Wifeys street lit is an engaging morality tale as the protagonist learns perhaps too late that revenge is not just a dish served cold; it is a dish served deadly…” – Genre Go Round Reviews


“Marking her solo debut with this new series launch, Mink (coauthor, The Hood Life; Shameless Hoodwives; Desperate Hoodwives) gives Kaeyla a snappy and profane voice laced with sarcasm. She’s a charismatic woman, both vulnerable and tough. Female readers will love her, but men may want to check their own woman’s purse for taser wires. Load your shelves with multiple copies. Mink is the pseudonym for Niobia Bryant (Message from a Mistress).” — Library Journal, Word on Street Lit (Top Pick of the Month)

“A gritty new urban series with a down and dirty intensity that’s heartbreaking… (Jan.)” – Publishers Weekly

“The storyline has an interesting flow that demonstrates Meesha’s natural literary flair as she captivates the reader within the realms of her spellbinding plots.” –

“Main character Goldie from “Real Wifeys: On the Grind” is unforgettable, shocking, and filled with sassiness. But there’s something to be learned from the notorius wifey. Bravo!!” – Cydney Rax, author of Brothers and Wives

“A never-a-dull moment, real life ride. Strap on your seatbelt. Meesha Mink goes sexy and deep!” – Pynk, bestselling author of Sixty-Nine

Real Wifeys On The Grind is a five star page turner that you will not want to put down. A must read, must recommend and must review…” – Coast to Coast Readers

THE HOOD LIFE (Meesha Mink, Co-Author)

After Desperate Hoodwives and Shameless Hoodwives, Mink and Diamond introduce us to the male side of ghetto life in Atlanta’s Bentley Manor Projects in this third series installment. They present the protagonists as four characterizations—the pimp, the playa, the drug dealer, and the killer—but add depth by exploring motives. We learn that no one is born a pimp, a playa, a drug dealer, or a killer. Here’s hoping for more of Bentley Manor. Highly recommended. – Library Journal, Word on Street Lit

“Spinning a tale of sex, drugs and drama, Meesha and De’Nesha skillfully lure you into the lives of four men with roots in Bentley Manor…”- Sexy Ebony Book Club Reviews

“I recommend The Hood Life to all street-lit connoisseurs. But be warned. This book is not easy to put down so be prepared to read it in one sitting.” – APOOO BookClub

“THE HOOD LIFE draws you in and does not let you go until the end. The book is plot-driven and moves easily between scenes. Although the book is part of the Bentley Manor Tales, it stands alone well. Additionally, we are blessed with several characters from the previous books. As Mink and Diamond always do, they penned a highly dramatic and entertaining read. Fans won’t be disappointed. ” – The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“The characters have a lot of dark sides which makes this a very different yet dangerously alluring read! Hot sex scenes, a bit of suspenseful and compassionate moments only further enchants the readers.” – Urban Reviews

SHAMELESS HOODWIVES (Meesha Mink, co-author)

Shameless Hoodwives by Meesha Mink & De’Nesha Diamond (aka Niobia Bryant and Adrianne Byrd) is listed  as one of the magazine’s TOP 10 Summer Sizzlers!!!  It’s recommended as one of the “new thrillers and love stories to toss into your beach bag”–the Hoodwives falls under the “thriller” category.   –Essence Magazine, August 2008

“Diamond and Mink deliver a compelling hood tale that is a true page-turner. ” –RAWSistaz
“This is the ghetto Wisteria Lane, called Bentley Manor and anything can and will happen here.–Coast2coast Readers 
“Invigorating plots magnify the intensity of each scene that creates a breathless anticipation as you delve further and further into the sordid lives of the people that occupy this notorious neighborhood. – UrbanReviews

DESPERATE HOODWIVES (Meesha Mink, Co-Author)

“Osceola Washington and Cleo Thomas, fictional snoop sisters who anchor a stoop in Hotlanta’s Bentley Manor project, tell all of their neighbours business in Desperate Hoodwives (Touchstone, $14), a can’t miss new series by Meesha Mink and De’Nesha Diamond, known to many readers as romance writers Niobia Bryant and Adrianne Byrd. If you’re hooked from the first page, stay tuned for Shameless Hoodwives, coming late this summer…” –Essence Magazine, Feb. 2008

Desperate Hoodwives  by Meesha Mink and De’nesha Diamond (Touchstone) : If nothing else, we like this one for the title. It’s the first book in a new series on the women of Bentley Manor. Aisha, Devani, Molly and Lexi are each desperate to get out of their Atlanta project and into a better place. Let’s just say this sassy, sexy streetwise story could kick some butt over on Wisteria Lane. (Listed as REQUIRED READING) –New York Post

The title only hints at the freaky-deaky content in the first installment of a street lit series that could also qualify as urban erotic horror. In Atlanta, Bentley Manor is a cage for four young women. Aisha, whose pampered lifestyle takes a big hit after her dealer husband gets locked up, goes to dangerous lengths to keep up her ghetto fab image. Devani is single and, at her mother’s direction, plans on tricking NFL star Tyrik Jefferson into marrying her by getting pregnant. Lexi has five kids by four men and hopes Luther, the man who finally married her, will buy them a house, but will his sub-par sack performance tank her dreams? Molly is the white trash wife of oversexed, abusive and often absentee Junior; she, like the other women, dreams of getting up out Bentley Manor. The authors hold back little in this cautionary tale dripping with sex, vice and yearning. (Feb.)–Publisher’s Weekly

Mink (Hot Like Fire) and Diamond (Feel the Fire) portray four young women trying their best to escape the hood in this first in a series of street lit novels set in the Atlanta housing projects. Named Bentley Manor, this development is also home to two longtime residents who know how difficult it is to leave the ghetto.–Library Journal

DESPERATE HOODWIVES is the first in the Hoodwives series. Meesha Mink and De’Nesha Diamond have written a drama-entrenched novel that leaves no stone unturned. Erotic and explosive, DESPERATE HOODWIVES is a well-written and I could not put down. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel, Shameless Hoodwives because DESPERATE HOODWIVES is a classic. Part erotica, part urban fiction, part horror, DESPERATE HOODWIVES has a little something for every reader.–RAW Sistaz

“Desperate Hoodwives has quickly become one of the best books I’ve read this year. The plot and characters had me hooked from the beginning until well past the end of the book. This book is filled with it all. Romance, drama, suspense. Definitely a must have! I look forward to reading more from Meesha Mink and De’nesha Diamond.”  –Mahogany Book Club
“I was totally absorbed from the first page and I was reading so fast that I had to go back and read it again just to be sure I didn’t miss anything. A terrific read and the ending will leave you begging for the sequel.”–Romance in Color
“I was blown away by this book…once you begin, you won’t want to put it down until the last sentence is read.” – BSURE Book Club